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This will be a continuous 'work in progress' site. If you have links that you think should be here (and are in line with other links that are here ) please send them to me!! I will do my best to keep up with the quantity of links that I receive.

Links provided are places I've visited during my time on the Internet, as well as those sent to me from other people. Let me know what you think, if corrections that need to be made, suggestions to make it better, or additional links you think should be here.

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Updated 9/21/00


Survival/Preparedness - Commercial Sites:
Y2k Links:
Survival / Preparedness Homepages and more:
Food Storage, Recipes & more!!:
Herbs, Homeopathy, & Garden/Plant Information:
Homebirth / Midwifery Links:
Animal Information/Links:
Medical Information / Links:
Do It Yourself - Arts / Crafts & other similar type links:
Alternative Energy / Power Links:
Gardening, Fruit, etc.:
Water: Informational Links, Filters, FAQ's, etc.:
Alternative Housing/Shelter:
Y2k - Homestead Member's Pages:
Weapons Links: New as of 9/15/1999
Political Opinions, Executive Orders, etc. - Links:
Homeschooling Links:

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