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Emergency Essentials:
Crusoe Island Foods:
Food Coop - NE:
Walton Feed :
Dehydrated Foods:
Best Prices Storable Food:
His Character food ?? : sorry, couldn't figure out a name for this site, but it looks like it's got some great info.
Wild Oats:
Happy Hovel Food Storage:
Bread making ingredients:
Ozark Coop Warehouse:
Food Storage Open Forum:
Food & Nutrition Solutions :
Utah University - on Food Stuff:
Canning Guide: Warning, must have adobe acrobat reader, and it takes a LONG time to load
Family Preparedness Now:
Simplifying Food Storage:
Food Safety Database:
Cake in a can/jar recipes:
Dutch Oven Cooking:
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Discount Natural Foods - Powdered Whole Milk:
Food Storage Cupboard Chart:
Preserving Food Safety :
Hatching, Candling & Hints for Eggs:
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Lodge Cast Iron Cookware:
Home Canning:
Cheesemaking Equipment - Moorlands Cheesemakers:
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How Long Specific Foods will store :
Introduction to Food Drying :
Compute your Family Food Storage Needs:
Indian Nations Council (Tulsa, OK) "Pow-Wow" Cookbook: A part of the Webelo's section of the Handbook
Box Oven Cooking:
Extension Offices & More, Statewide Info:
Dutch Oven Cooking - From the Scouting Pages:
Food Online - Marketplace for Professional in the Food Industry:
Food Co-op's in the US and other countries:
Storage life of Groceries, by Glitchproof:
Food Storage Central:
Home Canning Supply:


Solar Cooking, Ovens & Misc.:
Solar Cooking Archive:
Once A Month Cooking:
Grandma's Cookbook for Recipes from TX:
Irish soda bread from Shamrock TX:
The Baking Plan:
The Chicken Plan:
Once A Month Cooking:
The Hamburger Plan:
Bisquick Mix:
Once a Month Cooking 101:
Pioneer Cupboard & Beyond:
Adobe Oven Plans:
Native American Cookbook:
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Uncle Bens Rice Cookbook:
Cured Olive Recipes:
Miscellaneous Arab recipes:
Recipe Corner:
Assyrian Foods:
Downloadable Recipes : "a zillion recipes"
Primitive Cooking:
Keeper Recipes:
Once a Month Cooking:
Woman Discovers Method for Bulk Home Cooking:

More Recipes

The Bread Community Forum:
Lundberg Rice (Organic Rice Growers):
Gail Shermeyer's Tofu Recipes:
3 directories - Digests, Recipes and Resources:
Slow Cookers/Crock Pots:
Recipe Du Jour:
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The Farmer's Daughter:
1000's of Recipes in MC format:
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Sun Dried Tomato Site:
Sourdough FAQ's:
Sourdough Primer:
BBQ Survival Page:
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Recipes - Pumpkin:

Recipe & Food Storage Info Links

Making Food Storage Fast, Fun & Easy, on a Frugal Budget:
Jar Cakes - Recipes:
Apple Recipes:
Rice Facts:
Real Food for Real People - Recipes & More:
More Solar Oven things to prepare:
Open Forum - Food & Food Storage :
Noah's Ark:
Mormon Food Guides - From Noah's Ark:
Idea's List for Food Stuffs:
Lumen Foods - Y2k Food Storage Solutions:
Food Storage FAQ - by A. T. Hagan: Version 3
Y2k eep Food Storage Plus:
Budget Foods packed for long term storage :
Dakota Traders - Bulk Honey Products:
Top Secret Recipes:
$5 a Week Food Storage Plan:
U-Cook - The Ultimate Cookbook - Recipes Search, etc.:
Y2k Kitchen - :
Tudoc: The Ultimate Directory of Cooking Sites:
TrailWalkers Homestorage Recipes:
Edible Insects - Recipes & Other Information:
The Y2k Recipe Collection :

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