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Self Defense & Weapon Links

Lee Precision - Reloading & other links/info:
The Natural Earth - Flintnapping & other info/links:
Firearms related E-Mail lists:
The Joy of Sharpening:
Tom Bowers Politically Incorrect Machine Gun Pages:
Blade Forums - The leading edge of knife discussions:
Criminals for the Prevention of Firearm Ownership:
Fr. Frog's Home Page:
Glock Talk:
Gun Owners of America:
HollowPoint Firearms Directory :
The International Defensive Pistol Association:
L. Neil smith's Webley Page:
The Makarov Page:
Paxton Quigley's Home Page - Armed & Female:
Perfect Union :
The Tactical Lady's Home Page:
Internet Shooting Directory:
RKBA - Right to Keep & Bear Arms - Links:
CA - SKS Buyback Program:
The Firing Line:
The History of Handgun Control, Inc.:
United States Practical Shooting Association:
NRA - Institute for Legislative Action:

More Informational Links

Women Against Gun Control:
Ammo Man's Web Site: - Commercial site
Cole Distributing - Ammo Import/Export: - Commercial Site
Shotgun News:
Amazon Allied Forces - for the kitchen militias: - Some great links further down this page
J&G Sales LTD Guns & Ammunition Wholesale:
Cheaper Than Dirt:
The Sportsman's Guide :
General Bow Construction FAQ:
Stickbow Traditional Archery:
Raymond Thompson Co. - Snares:
Cold Steel :

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