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Alternative Power Information / Links

Jade Mountain:
Norwest Energy Storage:
Steam Consultants:
Fleming Hydro-Rams:
Hydroelectric Power Generation, on a small scale:
Battery FAQ :
Popular Mechanics: Installation of Home Generators (March 98)
Home Power Magazine:
Case Studies:
American Wind Energy Association:
Bergey Wind Turbines:
US Dept. of Energy:
American Solar Energy Society:
Solar Energy Industries Association:
Solar Energy International:
Campus Center for Appropriate Technology:
Twisted Oak - Solar, Wind, Steam etc.:
Y2k Preparedness - Backup Gas and Diesel Generator Systems:
J. R. Whipple's Self Reliance Pages: One of our member's pages - great info here!!
The Power Company, Inc.:
Select the Right Portable Generator:
Four Winds - Renewable Energy & Backup Systems:
Sustainable Minnesota's :
Solar Power Link:
Generator FAQ via DejaNews:
Old Tools:
Chevron's Long Term Storage Page:
Index of public/academic/environment/alternative energy resources:
ZZZAP Power: Micro-Hydroelectric Turbines & Generators: Commercial site, with helpful information as well
Battery FAQ :
Ham Radio Use and Care of Batteries:
Wood Burning Hot Water Heaters:
American Windmills:
Sun Trek Energy - Specials:
Power 2000 - Free Answers to Y2k Power System:
Southwest Wind Power :
World Power Technologies, Inc.:
Air Blade Power Systems:
Y2k Solar:
The Penren Windmill Book :

More lists of links

Bio Diesel:
Veggie Van - Fuel:
How to make a Solar Power Generator for less than $300:
C. Crane - Solar Battery Charger :
Properties of Wood for Fuel:
Building your own generator :
The Juice Page - Generator Info & More:

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