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Political Information Links

Constitution Society Home Page:
FEAR - Forfeiture Endangers American Rights Foundation:
The U.S. Constitution and Fascinating Facts:
Executive Orders and Laws relating to National Emergency Laws:
Public Citizen :
United Nations Invasion Tracking:
The Idaho Observer:
Nation in Distress:
Common Cause :
Liberty Activists for Freedom in Our Lifetime:
UWSA - The Grass Roots Pages:
Boston Tea Party - Next Generation:
Information for Informed Decisions:
Concerned Women For America :
Prairie Ridge - 'An American's Tribute to Americans':
American News Net- Conservative News Source:

More political information type links

Jefferson Party :
Sovereignty Workshop - State/Sovereign Citizen:
Interactive Citizens United:
Uhuh :
BeachBum's Clinton Scandal Page:
Kjos Ministries - Christian Persecution and other Info.:
The American Cause Internet Headquarters:
ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union:
Eagle Forum:

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