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Arts / Crafts & Miscellaneous Do It Yourself Links

Knitting & Weaving:
Craft Yarn Council:
Crochet Website:
Spinners & Weavers:
Soap Making Information:
Handmade Soap Supplies:
Making Charcoal (5/17//98):
Make your own shoes:
Frugal tips, techniques & help:
Get rid of Skunk Odor:
Wild West Weaver:
Do it yourself plans:
Fiber Information:
Crochet Patterns:
Sewing Equipment Warehouse:
On-line Barter Site:
North America Barter Exchange:
Barter Board Exchange:
Barter Station:
Natural Cleansers:
Non-Hazardous Alternatives for the Laundry:

Mining Co. Candle & Soap Page:
Majestic Mountain Sage: Look under Services Link for Lye Calculator
Sugar Plum Sundries Handmade Soap & Soapmaking:
Sweet Cakes Soapmaking Supplies:
Soapmaking: Free Soap Recipes:
Rainbow Meadow, Essential Oils for Aromatherapy:
Frameset for Soap Making Discussion Group:
TKB Trading's Cool Soaps:
Bottles & Bubbles:
Brick Oven Construction:
The Solar Oven:
Sun Oven / Solar Power:
How to Make Soap:
UC Davis Dept. of Viticulture & Enology:
Home Winemaker's Information Page:
Moonshine Information (& Stills for Sale):
Kurt Saxon & How to Make a Still:
Strick & Light - Solid Fire Starters:

More do-it-yourself links

Solar Dehydrator plans:
Solar Heater :
Solar Chimney Dehydrator:
Pedal Powered Generator:
Bicycle Rope Pump:
Appropriate Technology - : Great pics!
Wooden Washing Machine Pic's:
Solar Cooker:
Primitive "Kitchen Range" :
A site about Bikes:
Encyclopedia of Practical Knowledge:
Old Tools:
More old tools:
How to sharpen a Chainsaw:
Taylor Publishing & Elk River Press: Book store for Do-it-yourself people

Even more Do - It - Yourself Links!

Preparedness Nuggets Pages:
Click on Soapmaking :
64 Uses of Vinegar:
Converting Sewing Machine - From Electric to Treadle or Crank:
Rocky Mountain Candle - Commercial Site:
An Inexpensive, Do-It-Yourself Water Well:
Handyman USA - Expert Advice & Help for do-it-yourselfers:
Make a fully functional cold storage pit/mound: BackWoods Home Article
Lifewater Canada - Drinking Water Well Drilling: Technical Bulletins
Knots - How to tie them:
Sundial Generator - Make your own!:
Colloidal Silver Generator - Making your own:
Native Tech: Native American Technology & Art:
Use old newspapers to make your starter pots: Backwoods Home Article
Popular Mechanics - Homeowners Clinic: Solving Problems Index:
Primitive Technology:
Fiber News - :
Recipes for Natural Products :
A Simple Solar Water Pasteurizer:
Majestic Mountain - Lye Calculator :

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