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Animal Information/Links

Animal CPR:
Beekeeping Site:
Comments about bees:
Pollination Scene:
Poisonous plants to Pets/Livestock:
Spider Identification:
Ducks - Metzer Farm:
The Poultry Connection:
Guinea Fowl - Fritz' Farm:
Picture of a Top-Bar Hive:
Bee Keeping Information:
Livestock Virtual Library:
Animal Health, Well Being & Rights:
Chicken Links:
Old Jim's Fowl Page :
Feather Site :
Chicken Resource Page :
Bunny Rabbit's - Lots of info:
Rabbit Web :
Index of Goat Community Web Ring:
Goats & More Goats:
Cyber Goats:
Goat Forum & Information:
Chickens, Improving Small Scale Production:
Predator FAQ:
The Small Farm Resource:

Animal Mailing Lists

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(actually about wild gardening, but lots of experienced people with guinea fowl, ducks, geese, etc.)

Animal Links

Murray McMurray Hatchery Online:
Poultry Information Exchange:
The Chicken Page:
The Chix page:
The Poultry Connection:
CELESTE on Guinea Fowl:
Guinea Fowl, Guinea Keets & Guindea Fowl Message:
Pipestone Veterinary:
Valley Vet:
American Livestock:
Apollonia Farm Dairy Goats:
The COOP, Links to other sites related to Poultry:
FeatherSite - The Poultry Page:
Twin Creek Farm - Boer Goats:

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